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Beach or something by teires
LoE: Adannon by teires
Event NPC: Cygnis [Templar] by teires
per character; extra for background (~500-1000)

(I also do all commissions over paypal; 100 points -> $1)
Colored (bust)
Event NPC: Cygnis [Templar] by teires
LoE: Adannon by teires
per character (pretend there's only a head/shoulders in those examples)
no background option
Colored Sketch (fullbody)
deamhain by teires
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selfie.jpg by teires
#hawt #nofilters #me
(yes you may bask in my beauty :iconnoeldragon:)

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AGENTS T27: Tamil by teires
AGENTS T27: Tamil
Name :  Tamil, binte Rasyid

Date of Birth: February 3, 1995

Age: 23

▹Ability: Cryonic Suspension

▹ How does it work?: Suspends part or all of a target's body (or any other sort of living, organic tissue) at the state that it is in at the time the ability is used—all cells and biological substances in the affected area will effectively "freeze" (non-temperature-related) and cease to function or move until the suspension has ended (non-suspended elements that need to travel through, like blood cells or neural transmissions, will just move "through" the suspended area without affecting it). When used on only part of the body, that part will no longer be able to move freely (sort of like it's been anesthetized); when used on the entire body (which will necessarily include the head), it will induce unconsciousness.
▹ Pros:
-Can be used as emergency first aid to prevent blood loss or infection for minor wounds, to suspend serious injuries so that they won't worsen on their own or due to physical exertion of the target, and to prevent the spread of toxins in the event of poison until the injured can get access to proper medical care
-Can be used instead of anesthesia in time-pressured situations, allergies, immunity to normal anesthetics, etc., since the ability doesn't alter the target's body or introduce foreign substances
-Can be used during delicate and/or time-pressured surgical procedures to minimize the effects of risks such as ruptured vessels, excessive blood loss, etc.
-Can, theoretically, be used defensively if anyone dangerous gets within arm's reach of the user, although it most likely won't be as effective (see cons)
▹ Cons and Weaknesses:
Range: requires near-direct contact from the user (no more than a few inches at most)
Casting time: a few seconds for minor areas; a few minutes with concentration for major areas; up to 10 minutes of intense concentration for full-body suspension; without proper concentration, the casting time will be even longer; the moment the casting process begins, suspension has already been induced, but the extra time is necessary to stabilize the effect and ensure that it holds independently; after the casting process ends, no concentration is necessary to maintain suspension
Time limit: Lasts up to a full day for very minor areas (about palm sized); a few hours for major areas (such as a whole arm); no more than an hour for full-body suspension; suspension can be ended early by either user or target; time range can be extended with mastery
*casting time/time frame increase/decrease exponentially depending on size and complexity of affected area

-Only works to its full extent if the target does not resist; in the event of resistance, the suspension will work at half potential, at most; i.e. it can only slow instead of stop movement, stop bleeding by half, cause grogginess instead of unconsciousness, etc. and requires constant concentration to keep the effect up, so it does not work well offensively
-Does not work on dead or inorganic matter
-While a body part is suspended, it cannot be used; full-body suspension induces unconsciousness
-If an injury affects too much of the body (such as an injury to a major organ or blood vessel), a full-body suspension must be used; partial suspension will not work
-Does not actually heal; in fact, because the tissue is in suspended animation, it actually prevents any natural healing from happening during suspension
-Does not prevent injury or any other kind of change due to external causes; if a suspended area gets cut by a sword or something during suspension, the area will be cut (although it won't start bleeding or anything until the suspension ends)
-Does not alleviate pain (unless the target is unconscious)
-Although suspension can be reapplied after it expires past the time frame to effectively extend the effect of suspension, consecutive uses of suspension the same area without rest can increase risk of cell damage or atrophy, especially after 2 applications; the risk is greater for those with delicate constitutions
-Like most abilities, casting requires effort, control, and energy; minor surface applications are very easy and nearly effortless to cast, but energy costs increase exponentially with complexity and size; major applications such as a limb or the area around an organ (or, more likely, several important organs at once) can only be done a few times a day, and a full-body suspension can only be safely done once per day and is something on par with a 2-hour math final in terms of energy/concentration costs; with mastery, casting will take less effort, to the point that two full-body suspensions should be possible in close succession

Skills and Specializations:
Emergency medical response training:
    -EMT-B licensing (112 hours; non-invasive emergency procedures—bleeding control, airway ventilation/oxygen supplementation, splinting, etc.)
    -224.2 hours of EMT-I/85 training (nearly complete) (basic invasive emergency procedures—IV therapy, multi-lumen airway devices, etc.)
B.A. in MCB/Chemistry with a Computer Sciences minor
incomplete MD-PhD (combined program) in Health Sciences & Technology / Biophysics
Focus on biochemistry; experience with pharmocology and related research

English (full proficency)
Mandarin Chinese (basic conversational proficiency, very basic writing/reading comprehension; spoken at home)
Malay (conversational proficiency, basic writing/reading proficiency in Rumi; spoken at home)

(Preferred) Class: Medic

-Straightforward and literal-minded, Tamil considers facts and results to be the most important parts of decision-making, and metaphors sometimes go straight over their head.
-Also very introverted, they have a tendency to get lost in their thoughts and sometimes have trouble keeping up with conversations.
-They've got quite a go-with-the-flow personality and when something really interests them, they often get so absorbed in it that they forget their surroundings, but they also have a very strong sense of obligation, and if they're given responsibility, they'll work day and night to make sure they fulfill it.
-They're rather timid and slow to anger and are often perplexed when people get angry or upset for no reason that they can see.
-They're also very straightforward and wear their heart on their sleeve, and it doesn't come naturally to them to imagine that other people might say or act the opposite of what they mean for one reason or another.

-Sweets, desserts, snacks, and unhealthy food of every variety (so much for "lead by example")
-Butter Pecan (favorite ice cream flavor)
-Laboratory work and experimental research
-Martial arts films
-Doodling (but don't expect it to resemble anything)

-Public speaking and any sort of limelight
-Elaborate metaphors, and arguments constructed from them
-Having to spend energy on unnecessary or mundane things
-Dishonesty, distrustfulness, selfishness, and people who don't say what they mean or don't mean what they say
-Having to think about what to wear ("If it's lab-safe it's good enough.")
-Not knowing what's going on in a conversation

History: Tamil's parents moved to the US from Malaysia shortly after their birth, and they lived in San Francisco for a few years before moving. They moved a few more times during Tamil's childhood before their father found a stable job, and they settled in a small city on the West Coast. By then, Tamil was already eight, and they struggled a lot with schoolwork since they hadn't been able to learn very well in earlier grades due to all the moving. It was difficult since neither of their parents knew English very well, especially early on, but by the time they entered middle school they were excelling in academics. It was also difficult for them since, especially early on, their family didn't really understand American customs, and the Southeast Asian population in their area was absolutely miniscule; as a result, they didn't make many friends and spent most of their time by themselves.

It was around their early childhood that Tamil first discovered their ability. Not the most coordinated of kids, they had a tendency to get bruises and cuts when they tried to climb trees (and inevitably fell) or ride bikes, but for some reason the little injuries seemed to last far longer than was typical. For the most part, they were mostly innocuous little bumps, and there were too many to keep track of, so no one—not even Tamil themselves—really thought much of it. At one point, a particularly nasty gash that lasted for days prompted a worried hospital visit, and the doctor even suggested getting a test for hemophilia, but when that came up negative and the cut soon healed, the matter was forgotten. After some experimenting, though, Tamil found that they could actually control the ability to some extent—little things such as keeping injuries from bleeding until they could find a bandaid—although when they bragged to their parents and friends about their "ability," it was dismissed as a typical childhood flight of fancy, so Tamil never thought of it as anything out of the usual, either.

Their ability did, however, prompt an intense curiosity in biological processes, and they absolutely loved the subject. However, as they grew older and studied it more and more, they began to have a sneaking suspicion that what they could do wasn't entirely normal; there was nothing about any sort of similar precedent in any book they could find. They reasoned that it was probably just a child's wishful thinking, though, and lived a normal life throughout middle school and most of high school. They still mostly kept to themselves, but they also made a few very close friends.

One night in high school, though, when one of their friends, whom they were accompanying to a party, drank too much and ended up with severe alcohol poisoning. None of the people present, least of all her friend, were of legal age, and, in a panic, they all refused to call the paramedics. Tamil didn't have either a cell phone or a license, so, worried for their friend's life and with no other options present, they dragged their friend into a bathroom, locked the door, and tried for the first time to use their ability on someone else. For a few minutes nothing happened, but then there was a faint visible blue glow around their friend, unlike when they simply used it on themselves, confirming both that the attempt had succeeded, and that there was in fact something supernatural about their ability. By that time, one of the other drunk high schoolers had apparently had some common sense knocked into them and realized that manslaughter was a worse crime than underaged drinking and had dialed 911, and the paramedics arrived in time to get their friend to an emergency room. In a rather confused state of general panic and relief, Tamil undid the effect of their ability before anyone could see it, then went straight home.

From that day on, they tried their best to forget about their ability and pretend it didn't exist. They always felt guilty since they knew that they could probably be saving lives, but remembering the pressure and anxiety of that night, and the feeling of being immediately responsible for someone's life and death, was far too much for a 16-year-old. Nonetheless, they never lost their interest in the life sciences and studied hard throughout high school, eventually landing a full ride to university. They felt that they owed it to their parents, who gave them the opportunity to study here by working so hard to get to the US and support her studies, to do well in school, so that, in conjunction with the fact that they were interested in those subjects and also rather introverted and timid to start with, led them to be completely absorbed in their studies and work. They eventually graduated with a double major in molecular/cell biology and chemistry with honors.

By this time, they felt much more at ease with themselves, and they wanted to try to give their ability another chance (as well as get more medical experience and pay bills—and they would have preferred practically anything to being a graduate student instructor and having to teach). While studying for their master's degree, they signed up and underwent training to be an EMT (in addition to getting a position as a research assistant), and most of their shifts passed fairly safely. A few months in, though, a patient who'd been in a car accident was losing too much blood, and the hospital was too far away. For the first time in years, Tamil used their ability again and managed to stabilize the patient until they reached the emergency room, and doctors could operate on him. As expected, it was a huge shock to the rest of the staff, and although the hospital tried to keep the incident secret at Tamil's request, it quickly got out in the medical world. Although they'd expected that much, however, what they hadn't expected was to be fired from their research position and have their master's degree put under probation due to some ridiculous rumors about conspiracy, or some sort of untested drug, or other wild propositions of that nature. Shocked and disappointed, they were all but ready to join the Agency when a stranger showed up claiming to be part of an organization that welcomed abilities like theirs, even if the stranger was really kind of creepy.

Medical Information:
Blood type: A
Major Surgeries: None
Phobias: None



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